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Dave – Saved £278 by taking out our annual policy.

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Dave – Saved £278 by taking out our annual policy.

Dave – Saved £278 by taking out our annual policy.

Dave’s parents bought him his own car for his 17th Birthday and he wanted to start learning to drive straight away. He’d asked for money from everyone he knew for his birthday and used that to book a block of 15 driving lessons.

When he called to sort out his insurance, he decided to go for our annual policy from the start, rather than take out the ‘Provisional’ policy option. Whilst he hadn’t had any previous driving experience, he reckoned that with all the extra learning he’d be getting from having his parents take him out driving, as well as his lessons, he’d pass his test within 6 months. His quote was for £1245, which he paid up front.

We then got a call from Dave, 4 months later, telling us he’d passed his test. This was great news for Dave as not only had he got his full licence, but he’d saved a fortune on his insurance. Look at the savings he made below.

From the start, Dave selected the annual policy, so his premium was £1245 for the year, or just £3.41 per day. It didn’t matter when he passed his test. His premium remained the same.
If he had selected the ‘Provisional Only’ option, his premium would have gone up from £357 to £1773.46 from the day he passed his test, which would have meant paying an additional £4.85 per day for the 8 months left on his policy, on top of the £357 he had already paid.

Taking out the annual policy at the start saved Dave almost £300!!

Morale of the story – if you think you will pass your test in the first 7 months of taking out your policy then our annual policy will ALWAYS be the cheapest option.


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