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Have you already booked your Practical Test?

Our Learner Driver policies can only be purchased if your Practical driving test is more than 40 days away.

If you have your test within the next 40 days and wouldn’t consider moving your test to outside our 40 day limit then we are really sorry, but we will be unable to sell you a policy.

Good luck with your test though – we hope it all goes well.

When do you think you will pass your driving test?

When do you think you will pass your test?

If you think you are going to pass your test in less than 7 months time then you should seriously consider our annual policy option.

This option provides you with a full annual insurance policy now, that automatically continues to provide you with the same cover as soon as you have passed your test.

Customers who take this option at the start of their policy typically save about 40% of the cost, compared to customers who just take the Provisional only option.

Do you want to earn No Claims Discount?

Do you want to earn No Claims Discount?

If you select our annual policy from the start then you will automatically start earning your No claims Discount (NCD) entitlement.

This NCD will save you a considerable amount of money off your insurance renewal, provided you have not made any claims.

Could you afford an increase in premium?

Could you afford an increase in premium?

If you do not take out our annual policy offering at the start, then we’re sorry to say that your premium will increase as soon as you pass your test.

Depending on when you pass your test, this increase could be as much as twice the cost of our ‘non annual’ policy.

Our annual policy therefore allows you to budget for your first years insurance and if you pass your test earlier than you think, then the savings made will be even greater.

The last thing we want is for you to pass your practical test and then not be able to drive your car because the cost of insurance is too high.

To help you decide what’s best, take a look at some of our customer case studies to see which options they chose.

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